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How To Clean Stone Floor?

2010/8/20 19:41:09  |  Total Clicks:  184

How to clean stone floor? Clean stone floor properly is very easy. Whatever your floor is granite, marble, slate, limestone and so on, basic daily cleaning is very important. Stone floor can add beauty and elegant to house. Proper cleaning and maintenance can make its beauty last Things needed: dust mop, wet mop

Step one: mop the dust of stone floor termly, one time one day if possible. Dust-mop rate is decided according to the visitors flow rate.

Step two: use wet mop to clean stone floor, use stone soap if necessary. Clean with clean water is also ok.

Step three: re-polish stone floor every 2-3 years, or ask experts to do it. When you see the stone floor is fading, it needs to be re-polished.

Step four: once spilled, clean immediately.

Step five: had better ask the professional to repair the depth scratch.

Once it is found, timely treatment. Tips: 1. If there is not stone soap, replace by neutral soap. 2. Had better use dust mop and wet mop separately. Don't use in other places. 3. Avoid sand come into stone floor, they will scratch and damage the stone floor. 4. Don't use vinegar and chemical cleanser. Don't wax the stone floor. 5. If the stone floor becomes dim, then repolish it.